Upload the Regular Customers-File

To ensure a reliable data transfer in cooperation with Wirecard, merchants are able to submit their files to our server by using SFTP. The following short manual will help you to setup a secure connection in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: A private/public SSH key pair (OpenSSH) is required. The public key and the external IP address of your server have to be submitted to integration@wirecard-rechnung.de.
Step 2: Setup an SFTP or SCP client which is SSH compatible (such as “WinSCP”)
Step 3: Your firewall must allow an outgoing TCP connection to files.wirecard-rechnung.com on port 22

Public key

Wirecard requires your public SSH key, to accept incoming data transfers and to establish a secure Connection.

You already have a public key?

If your company already owns a public key, send it together with your external IP address of your server via e-mail to: integration@wirecard-rechnung.de

Generate a public key

In Windows you can create a new key pair by using the “PuTTY Key Generator”.


Start puttygen.exe and follow this instruction:

  1. Use a 2048 bit key
  2. Select SSH-2 RSA
  3. Click Generate
    Move your mouse randomly until the progress bar is completed. Your actions are affecting the process for a random key creation.

    Nach der Berechnung, erscheinen weitere Felder und Buttons:

  4. We suggest to use your e-mail address
  5. Define a secure password. Later on it’s needed to access the server.
    Take care of your password and don’t give it away!
  6. Save your private key and take care of it!
  7. Save your public key. This key can be forwarded and is required whenever you like to setup an SFTP connection to another server.
  8. Please copy the whole text from that field and send it, together with the external IP address of the server which is used, via e-mail  to: integration@wirecard-rechnung.de

We will setup your individual access to our server and give you a username for your Connection.

Setup an FTP Client

You will need an SFTP or SCP client which is SSH compatible. If you don’t have such a program, download WinSCP. We suggest the portable executables, as you don’t need any further permission on your computer to run them.

Download: http://winscp.net/eng/download.php
Setup a new connection as follows:

  • Servername: files.wirecard-rechnung.com
  • Port: 22
  • Protokoll: SFTP with SCP fallback
  • Username: Normally <ShopId>
  • Password: leave blank as you are using your SSH-Key for authentification
  • Transfermode: binary
  • Folder: incoming\known_customers

Processing starts within 10 minutes. Afterward the files are moved to folder archiv\known_customers.

Modify Firewall rules

Your firewall must allow outgoing TCP connections to files.wirecard-rechnung.com on port 22.

If your operation system is containing a firewall, the operation system must allow the file transfer. Usually you will be prompted to either accept or deny that outgoing connection. Simply accept the connection and, if necessary, add exceptional rules.

If your company is running a firewall within the entire network, you may need to ask your network administrator to setup an exceptional rule.