Data History

The merchant creates a CSV file containing the last 12 months of orders, deliveries and payments. This list is anonymized. In order to identify the customers, their account number is used.
Amongst others the following data is included:

  • Customer ID
  • Shopping-basket amount
  • Order Date
  • Delivery Date
  • Payment Date
  • Amount of cancellations and Returns

The list should not contain outstanding debits and debts not yet due.

Submit file to Wirecard-Server

The merchant needs to upload the csv file to a SFTP server, which Wirecard provides especially for this purpose.

Analysis by Wirecard

The CSV file will be processed by Wirecard. Regular customers listed in that file will be scored based on their cart values, order frequency, cancellations, returns and their payment behavior.
Three examples to explain this:

  • A customer ordered for an average of 50 Euro per month and paid in time.
    -> Customer will be scored as good and gets significant advantages for the risk analysis.
  • A customer ordered once for 50 Euro and paid in time.
    -> Customer will be scored better than an unknown customer.
  • A customer ordered once for 100 Euro, paid in time and returned the whole order.
    -> Neutral case. No scoring will be made.

Consideration in risk management process

When a customer orders, the merchant will send the customer account id within the payment request to Wirecard.
In this case the Wirecard system will try to match the customer account id with the regular customer records to affect the risk management process. Advantages:

  • Customer will get a higher limit. (Maximum limit of outstanding payments is getting higher.)
  • Request will be accepted even though the risk scoring would have been negative.

In fact the acceptance rate is higher, the turnout will increase and your experience pays off.


Regular Customers Flow in Overview

Good experience regarding payments with (some) customers -> CSV upload -> SFTP Server -> Evaluation -> Risk Management <- Request / Benefits -> Request -> from online shop