Technical details

The Regular Customers file


Formats: File  
File type CSV
Head (1st row) yes
Column separator ;
Delimiter for text "
Line separator CRLF
Encoding UTF-8 with BOM (Byte Order Mark)
Formats: Filename  
Format ShopId + "_history_" + Date + "_" + No. + ".csv"
ShopId Unique identifier defined by Wirecard
Date Submit date: YYYY-MM-DD
It’s the current date in most cases.
No. Counter with 3 digits starting at 001; increasing by 1 for each file transfer
UPPERCASE / lowercase lowercase
Example myshop_history_2015-12-31_001.csv
Formats: Datatypes  
Boolean 1 = TRUE, 0 = FALSE
based on the time zone of the shop
based on the time zone of the shop
Number x,y x = total amount of digits
y = decimal digits
Decimal marker .
Leading sign + (plus); positive values (optional)
- (minus); negative values (required)


Filestrcture of the Regular Customers File

Payment Methods

PaymentMethod Beschreibung
CC Credit card
DD1 Direct debit via shop
DD2 Direct debit via RatePAY
DD3 Direct debit via 3rd party
INS1 Installment via shop
INS2 Installment via RatePAY
INS3 Installment via 3rd party
INV1 Invoice via shop
INV2 Invoice via RatePAY
INV3 Invoice via 3rd party
OTH Others
OTH1 Others, payment method without factoring
OTH2 Others, payment method with factoring
PAY PayPal
POD Payment on delivery
PP1 Prepayment via shop
PP2 Prepayment via RatePAY
PP3 Prepayment via 3rd party
SOF „Sofortüberweisung“ or „giropay“